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We are a full service corporate transactional law firm representing early stage through mature companies in a variety of business legal matters and transactions. The culture of our firm reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of our clientele, many of whom may change the world through the commercialization of their varied technologies, discoveries, products and services.

With over 30 years of law firm and in-house general counsel experience, we work with entrepreneurs, founders, scientists, inventors, investors, professionals and business owners to help make their dreams a reality.

Our U.S. and international based clients are involved in industries such as medical devices, medical diagnostics, early stage pharmaceutical development, software and SaaS development, healthcare analytics, IT services, life sciences research, internet based and virtual businesses, and a host of emerging technologies.

We specialize in the representation of technology based start-ups, helping them navigate the myriad of issues associated with structuring founder relations, entity choice and formation, institution of best practices in anticipation of financing and exit, intellectual property transactions  and licensing, contract drafting and negotiation, and other unique legal issues facing early stage companies.

We provide legal expertise and consultation at every stage of the business life cycle, from formation, growth, maturity, and sale.  We represent many companies as outside general counsel, providing responsive and business-oriented guidance and risk assessment on a wide variety of legal issues.

We have the tools that can help you succeed. Let us explore how we can work with you.

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